Bitcoin - how does it work?

At least, the owners of more and more online casinos think so. The word "bitcoin" can be surprisingly often found on colorful banners inviting to play on slot machines, roulette or poker. This is not surprising, since blockchain technology and crypto coins are slowly entering new aspects of life, and thus entertainment.

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Gambling and cryptocurrency transactions

Although some may prefer to remain in the past, a new magnificent world is emerging at the intersection of gambling and cryptocurrency transactions. Everyone can become a part of it, discovering its unexpected places and keep track of changes taking place.

  • The bitcoin digital currency is a great solution adapted to the needs of the present. Thanks to using bitcoins, we avoid paying high commissions on international transfers and the funds are on the receiving account immediately after the transaction. We do not accept any conversion costs.
  • Bitcoins are also irreplaceable in the case of internet micropayments, for example if we want to pay for access to a foreign portal with films or games online or buy a computer program or application available only in foreign stores.
  • They will also work in situations where we are planning an exotic trip and want to reserve a hotel or buy a ticket for a dream concert. Using bitcoins, we can send funds anywhere in the world with no fees and noxious expectations for the transaction.
  • Initially, the bitcoin system may seem a bit complicated, but it is actually simpler than using traditional electronic banking. How to start using the bitcoin currency? We have prepared a guide.

Bitcoin transactions

At the beginning you should choose a portfolio in which we will store your bitcoins and thanks to which we will be able to execute transactions. There are many types of bitcoin wallets, which vary depending on whether we intend to use the system via a desktop computer, a web browser or a mobile phone.

  • After choosing a portfolio, it is worth purchasing the first bitcoins. This can be done from other users - via the bitcoin exchange, where the exchange rate is determined by free market mechanisms.
  • The second option is to buy bitcoins in an online currency exchange, where, however, the margin is added to the transaction. The last option is to buy or sell bitcoins through personal contact with a contractor.
  • It is also worth checking what choice we have among the bitcoin debit cards - this issue is discussed in our next guide.
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How to buy Bitcoin cheapest?

The market situation is constantly changing, and prices can grow and fall at short intervals

Therefore, it is worth looking around for the lowest prices to have the opportunity to earn a larger sum. We will present the latest price list in exchange offices on the European market. For the second time in the first place there is a currency exchange Coinroom.com, with a strong breakthrough of competition.

The leader of the statement, Coinroom.com, is a currency exchange and exchange with a very good level of customer service and attractive amenities, such as express payments via Tpay.
The second place is occupied by the exchange office of BitBay, offering fast payments through Dotpay, withdrawals to the ATM or via Bluemedia.

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How to create a secure Bitcoin wallet?


When investing in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, it is important to store them in a secure, trusted portfolio. The following guide will show you how to set up such a wallet.
In order to present step by step how to set up such a wallet, we will use a test e-mail and Coinroom cryptocurrency counter. The company offers very good security standards and user-friendly panel.


The first step is to register at coinroom.com. To do this, select the "Register" option from the top menu and enter your details - the e-mail address to which you want to register an account, a password that we will use to log in and a PIN number. After this operation, we will receive a message with an activation code to your e-mail.


After activating the account, we can start using all the options offered by the currency exchange and Coinroom. To set up a wallet, in the top menu we invade the "Portfolio" option and select the "Addresses" category. After switching to the subpage, we generate incoming addresses for the selected currency, in this case Bitcoin. This address should be provided when the currency is deposited into the Coinroom wallet. The operation is performed separately for each selected currency.

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Bitcoin casino guide

  • After hovering on the "Wallet" option, the "Balance" and "My operations" categories are also displayed. The first one displays the funds available in the portfolio from the generated addresses, separately for each of the available cryptocurrencies and real currencies. The "My operations" category displays a list of all withdrawals and deposits. Items contain information on the selected currency, payout / deposit amount, transaction fees, creation time and transaction ID.
  • Our bitcoin casino guide will keep you up to date. Thanks to our website you will learn:
    How to start a fascinating journey through the world of cryptocurrency betting Where can you find cryptocurrency gambling websites (BTC, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, etc.)
    Trivia and important news
    Detailed descriptions of selected games for earning Bitcoins
    List of honest casinos
    Places where it is better not to play using cryptocurrencies
    What is Dogecoin and what is related to Internet memes
    How to get satoshi on online gaming machines
    Which casinos allow you to withdraw money immediately and in which you have to wait
    Can you earn Bitcoin without investment (and how not to lose)
  • Why cryptocurrencies are popular?
    Internet gamblers quickly realize the benefits of using Bitcoins in games such as roulette, poker, slots and more. It is through cryptocurrencies that casinos have gained popularity - this is the result of Bitcoin's undeniable advantages, such as:
    Fast and cheap transfers
    The possibility of using one hundred millionth BTC (that's why games to win satoshi are so popular)
    Decentralization - the government has no access to your earnings
    A limited amount of BTC, which leads to a continuous price increase
    Security and anonymity of transactions, the impossibility of their cancellation
    Anonymity deserves special attention - it is the function of anonymous transfers that has convinced the mass crypts of people from around the world.

Bonuses in gambling

  • Cryptocurrency wallet

    This feature is particularly important in countries where free trade in money is restricted or prohibited by law, while the value of local fiat money falls quickly. The total anonymity of financial transactions allows any person who has a cryptocurrency wallet to bypass ongoing government supervision.
    It is clear that Bitcoin is not the only virtual currency used in online casinos. Over time, they began to accept other currencies - Monero, Ethereum, Peercoin and others. Each such move gained interest in an increasing number of players wishing to increase their assets or satisfy their gambling soul.

  • Bonuses without deposits

    Media coverage of the colossal increase in the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum only adds fuel to the fire, each time leading to a new wave of gamers interested in gambling. Bonuses without deposits are relatively frequent in online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. Our site will from time to time post reviews of various gambling sites, thanks to which you will learn about new offers, such as no deposit bonuses. Therefore, if you belong to those who dream about getting Bitcoins using gambling at no cost, add our site to your favorites. It is an exhaustive guide to the complexities of cryptocurrency gambling.
    Bonuses without deposits are relatively frequent in online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. Our site will from time to time post reviews of various gambling sites, thanks to which you will learn about new offers, such as no deposit bonuses. Therefore, if you belong to those who dream about getting Bitcoins using gambling at no cost, add our site to your favorites. It is an exhaustive guide to the complexities of cryptocurrency gambling.

  • Btc casino bonuses

    Finding a crumpled $ 100 banknote going down the sidewalk would definitely improve your mood. It does not matter how much money you have in your wallet or your account. Fate gave you a small surprise, and that's the best!
    Online casinos know which notes to nudge to awaken users' enthusiasm. That's why almost every gambling site offers free money to users visiting their website for the first time. Sign up, fund your account with $ 100 in bitcoins and you'll get the same amount!

  • Give welcome bonuses to potential players

    Given that everyone has a clear understanding of this arrangement, we can only support the tendency to give welcome bonuses to potential players. Ultimately, the competition forces the gambling sites to offer better and better welcome bonuses - they must be better than those offered in competing cryptocurrency casinos.
    It is on the hand of those who like gambling. The more casinos compete with each other in attracting customers, the better the bonuses will be in poker, slots, blackjack, etc. The player only needs to find the best and best bitcoin bonuses in casinos.

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